The BFSI industry is on the cusp of digital transformation and we, at iorta are helping them make the shift towards offering enhanced customer engagement and experience through our range of digital products and capabilities.

A unified platform for lead management. Real-time data capture, and updates on the dashboard.

Seamless integration with internal systems, and easy tracking for better lead management.

Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing capabilities based systems.

Be Future ready!

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With our omni channel approach, customers can enjoy a seamless journey across platforms, and devices.

The solution offers contactless digital features that speed up the process while ensuring data security is maintained. This in turn ensures better customer engagement.

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Streamlined processes, faster turnaround and all sales activity related information funneled into one single platform.

Seamless digital adoption helps In successful digital transformation which is the foundation to higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Our solution provides your agents the opportunity to stay connected to customers in real time, thereby resolving queries instantly and adequate support along the way.

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Less dependency on the IT department, combined with easier enterprise app development and deployment.

Utilization of advanced capabilities, the solution offers shorter turnaround time, which subsequently enables companies to launch new products rapidly to market.

Transform business practices by going beyond conventional data capture methods, and enable data-driven informed decision making by generating and analyzing data with analytic tools.

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Solutions that are platform agnostic, access from anywhere anytime and anyplace with seamless operations.

A quicker and shorter customer journey and better lead management system helps agents focus on interacting with more customers and conversion as well.

Better product adoption and analytics helps assess performance of the system, and provide timely solutions to resolve issues and challenges [if any].

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Our touchless end-to-end streamlined digital processes play an integral role in speeding up the customer onboarding process.

Data security over the app along with KYC compliance requirements adhered to ensuring no lapses or delays.

A tight fraud management system ensures data verification and authentication is done instantly to help customers complete the process in no time.

Achieve secure operational infrastructure with our solutions.

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Our Services

Enterprise solution and services to help businesses be future ready and scale up. iorta brings to you a range of solutions and products that are customer centric and offer the perfect blend of technology and integration, enabling institutions to move to the cloud platforms and accelerate their business growth.

Innovate, create solutions and take them to the market faster while creating a competitive advantage.


Enterprise Application Development

Create business specific applications that readily integrate with your existing enterprise systems. We use microservices architecture that enables faster deployment and lesser disruptions.


DevOps – AWS

Boosting the organization’s ability to develop apps and grow faster, implement continuous integration and delivery workflows. Use sorta and AWS to break down silos and quickly bring new capabilities to market.


Sales Process Management

From Lead management, making the pitch, conversion of lead to customer and retention along with building long lasting relationships we deliver end-to-end sales management solutions.


Technology Consulting

From hardware to software and everything in between, we help bring your ideas to life and help redefine your business to ensure it is future ready.


Cloud Deployment

Integration of multi-cloud environments with a unified platform eliminating complexity.Deploy application workloads through on-premises and off-premises environments quickly and easily.


Serverless -App Dev, API, CI/CD AWS

Utilising the cloud as the innovation catalyst in collaboration with advanced technological capabilities to offer higher levels of customer experiences.


Digitization Workshop

We orchestrate collaborative sessions with stakeholders to visualise the next wave of digital transformation.


Adoption & Training

We design concerted efforts to drive process adoption among teams of all sizes and capabilities.


How our customers are growing using our products

We placed our faith on iorta to deliver a bespoke lead management system for our newly launched direct marketing channel.They also extended their services to co-drive the platform’s adoption by defining clear training and feedback loops

Shashank Chapekar

CDO Manipal Cigna Health Insurance

We manage business opportunities and renewal collection processes across channels using Salesdrive from iorta.This has also helped us transition from a digital-focused to a digital-first enterprise.

Anup Seth

Chief Retail Officer – Edelweiss
Tokio Life Insurance




iorta Technology Solutions have been awarded – The
Top 10 Most Promising Sales Technology Solution
Providers – 2021

We thank all our clients, partners and teams for
making this possible



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How to create synergy in the workplace

Many times, the infrastructure required to support true mobility experience will have to built…

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Life Insurance is a complex product and requires explanation and human-handholding. That is why non-digital, agents-driven distribution channels still contribute over 90% of the sales for traditional plans. Salesdrive a definitive insurance software which aims to enhance the productivity of the agents, which in turn means improved profitability of your company.

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VVRO [Video Verification for Remote Onboarding] is a paperless process for KYC non-complied investors to complete the entire KYC process within a few minutes, so that we can service you better.

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The hidden time & cost in the hiring process has an impact on overall productivity and brand image. HypeRdrive transforms the entire hiring and onboarding process by integrating key tech capabilities. It is a product that drives, primarily in the “Time to Hire” arena while facilitating a better experience for the individuals.


We can help transform your business
& make it future-ready